COVID has had many impacts on our community. One of those is large numbers of people recreating in the park. By having a system that tracks vehicles on Port properties, we can get better control numbers of visitors to help prevent the spread of the virus. While residents of the Port District will not have to pay for their parked time, we expect the funds generated by others will offset the cost of the parking monitors who will routinely survey parked vehicles. While typically parks are operated by cities or Park & Rec districts, which are supported by district residents’ taxes, that is not the case for Marine Park. The irrigation, beautification, clean up, paving, equipment, such as playground and picnic benches are not currently supported by the residents of the Port district. It currently costs $540,000 annually to maintain the park. Parking fees will allow for a path towards a self-sustained operation of the park. An added benefit will be that, the Port will have staff monitoring properties after hours and on weekends and can report conditions.