Secretary (Department Support Position)

Full Time Employee
Salary range: Group 2
$32,000 to $49,000
$17 to $22 per hour

General Description of Duties: This position works under the direction of the General Manager or designee, to provide secretarial and support services to the General Manager and the various departments of the Port. This position will also provide support to the Port Commission as may be assigned.

Responsible for assisting and supporting the work of the departments, coordinating between the departments, typing, research and other tasks as may be assigned or required. Takes direction from various department heads and managers in furtherance of Port Goals and Mission.

Research, gathers data, compiles reports, type’s materials in support of Department Heads and the General Manager. Handles low level tasks as may be required. Researches cost estimates, prepares draft RFP’s, prepares assigned reports and other duties as may be required.

Will answer the telephone, fax materials, set up meetings, take minutes, and prepare meeting minutes and other duties necessary to support the effective work of the Departments. A person in this position will also assist in monitoring and managing contracts and leases. Will set up, schedule and coordinate meetings.

Work tasks include:

1. Typing reports, letters and other materials in support of the various department heads and managers.
2. Preparing draft RFP for the Maintenance and Construction Manager as requested.
3. Collecting cost estimates for projects for the Manager of Maintenance and Construction.
4. Writing reports as assigned by the General Manager or the various Departments.
5. Attending assigned meetings, take minutes and type minutes after the meeting.
6. Draft proposed policy documents as may be assigned.
7. Assist in the preparation and circulation of the Ports monthly or special newsletters.
8. Write news releases as assigned.
9. Assist the various departments in completing timely and effective employee evaluations.
10. Assist in the preparation of the Port Commission regular and special meeting agenda packets and notifications.
11. Manage the Ports property lease file.
12. Assist, at the direction of the ED Department, in the monitoring and updating of the Ports Web-Page.
13. Manage and oversee the Ports calendar and scheduling process.
14. Assist in the overall standardization and coordination of Port processes for scheduling, facility use etc.
15. Other duties as may be assigned.


1. A high school diploma or equivalent.
2. 2-3 years’ experience in a similar position.
3. Leadership or management experience.
4. Experience in report writing.
5. Ability to learn quickly and assimilate into the team.
6. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, QuickBooks spread sheets, Excel and other tools available at the Port.
7. Ability to type 50-60 words per minute.

To apply, please fill out the questionnaire below: