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The Port of Cascade Locks is a municipal corporation, a local governmental entity with taxing authority. There are 23 public ports in the state of Oregon, located along the Pacific coast and Columbia River system. The Port of Cascade Locks is a separate entity from the City of Cascade Locks, although the two agencies do work together closely. The Port’s mission is economic development for the entire port taxing district, which extends from the Columbia River in the north, to the peak of Mt. Hood in the south (map). Because the majority of the Port district is uninhabited National Forest, the Port focuses primarily on the incorporated scenic city of Cascade Locks, Oregon population 1,235.

The Port owns and operates the Bridge of the Gods, an iconic bridge over the Columbia River which serves as a critical transportation connection between the states of Oregon and Washington. The Port owns and maintains the popular Cascade Locks Marine Park which contains riverfront lawns, historic structures, campground, boat ramp, marina, beach, public art, and historical museum. The Port owns the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge paddlewheel river boat, leased to the Portland Spirit for seasonal day cruise operations from Cascade Locks. The Port also has a variety of facilities available for your year-round private special event rentals.

The Port strives to be a “business-friendly engine for economic development.” As such, the Port of Cascade Locks has the authority to buy, develop, lease, and sell property. The Port strives to recruit new businesses to town, while also supporting existing local businesses. Benefits of the Port’s economic development activities include: new family-wage year round jobs, infrastructure investments to support development, resources for new and growing businesses, increased utility revenue to support City of Cascade Locks’ services, increased commerce to local companies, a supportive community partner, as well as enhanced recreation and tourism activities within the region. The Port of Cascade Locks is an active participant in regional conversations pertaining to economic development, transportation, and tourism in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

The Port is governed by a policy-setting board of 5 elected Port Commissioners. The Port Commission holds two regular public meetings per month on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, at 6pm at the Cascade Locks City Hall Council Chambers. On average, the Port employs approximately 20 staff between the full time, part time, and seasonal positions each year. Available employment opportunities are posted year round, as they arise.

For additional information about visiting scenic Cascade Locks, Oregon, please see the “Visit Cascade Locks” page hosted by the Cascade Locks Tourism Committee.

The mission of the Port of Cascade Locks is to:

• Operate in a fiscally prudent manner to ensure its continuity
• Facilitate effective infrastructure and transportation solutions
• Recruit businesses to create family wage jobs and economic growth within the district and region
• Create economic growth opportunities for existing businesses within the Port District
• Enhance tourism and recreation for the Columbia River Gorge region
• Provide leadership and create partnerships within the region for economic development
• Utilize our natural resources

Port 10 Year Vision Statement (11/2013)

In the year 2023…The Port of Cascade Locks, located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, is a business friendly engine for economic development. The Port is responsible for the creation of more than 500 jobs within the community of Cascade Locks in the last ten years. The Port’s success is due largely to collaborative partnerships and grant funding for stable infrastructure. The industrial park is now served by a full interchange on Interstate-84. The Bridge of the Gods is well maintained, adequately funded, and serves as a regional economic resource. The Port’s ongoing efforts have contributed to a vibrant downtown. The beautiful community of Cascade Locks has national recognition as one of the best places to live, work, and recreate.


2612, 2019

Budget Committee Vacancies

The Port of Cascade Locks is accepting letters of interest from residents of the Port district, who are interested in serving their community as a member on the Port’s Budget Committee. The Budget Committee consist of 10 members; five are Port Commissioners, and five are public citizens members. There are three (3) open seats with three (3) year terms. These terms will end December 31, 2023.

The deadline to submit letters of interest to is January 31, 2020:

Please submit letters of interest to:

Sally Moore
Port of Cascade Locks

PO Box 307
Cascade Locks, OR 97014

Should you have any questions, please contact Sally at smoore@portofcascadelocks.org or 541-374-2400. Thank you.

2312, 2019

Holiday Bridge Crossing

The Port Commission wishes everyone Happy Holidays this winter season! As is tradition, there will be free bridge crossings (no toll collected) on the Bridge of the Gods from 9pm on Tuesday, December 24th to 7am on Thursday, December 26th for all vehicles.

2012, 2019

Events in Review

On December 2nd, the Port Commission listened to presentations from our major event organizers in review of the 2019 year. Event promoters did great work in 2019 of stimulating the economy with a boost in tourism. An estimated nearly 9,000 people came to Cascade Locks over the 4 major events to spend their dollars here in support of local restaurants, gas stations, retail stores and lodging facilities. In addition, to contributing the the local economy, the event promoters also find unique ways to support the community, such as fundraising $8,000 for local schools, clocking in 60 hours of trail clean up, fundraising $2,000 and 300 lbs of food for FISH Food Bank and providing free community sailing lessons weekly throughout […]