The Port of Cascade Locks is pleased to announce that H. R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, passed by Congress on June 29, 2020 contains language that will make it possible for the Port to apply for and receive federal funding to add a bicycle and pedestrian lane to the Bridge of the Gods. This a critical public safety need to protect hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail and other pedestrians from the growing number of vehicles using the narrow bridge. It will also make it possible for bicyclists to safely travel between Oregon and Washington and access trails and businesses throughout the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area.

“The Port wants to thank Greg Walden and his office for offering the amendment that was approved in the legislation today”, said Jess Groves, Port President. “We also thank Chair DeFazio of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for his strong support. In addition, letters of support from our neighbors in Skamania County and the Pacific Crest Trail Association were instrumental in this success”

Adding this lane to the Bridge will address a real safety need while providing a recreational link between our two states that will support and grow our regional economy”. This bill, INVEST in America Act (The Moving Forward Act) will now go to the Senate and the Port is so grateful the bill has come this far.

Rep. Greg Walden’s Press Release