On December 2nd, the Port Commission listened to presentations from our major event organizers in review of the 2019 year. Event promoters did great work in 2019 of stimulating the economy with a boost in tourism. An estimated nearly 9,000 people came to Cascade Locks over the 4 major events to spend their dollars here in support of local restaurants, gas stations, retail stores and lodging facilities. In addition, to contributing the the local economy, the event promoters also find unique ways to support the community, such as fundraising $8,000 for local schools, clocking in 60 hours of trail clean up, fundraising $2,000 and 300 lbs of food for FISH Food Bank and providing free community sailing lessons weekly throughout the summer. Port Event Coordinator, Jan McCartan, reported on efforts to book events with balance as to not overburden the community. Filling in between major events with private events, such as weddings also provide soft economic activity as the guests generally support local businesses, but in ways that don’t overwhelm the community.