Job Description
Full Time
Hourly pay rate: $13.00 to $16 per hour.
Reports to: Accounting Specialist and General Manager.
General Description of Duties: An employee in this position will carry out a number of tasks related to the operation of the general administration of the Port. This position will support the invoicing and billing functions and provide support in other areas.

General Tasks: A person filling this position can expect to carry out the following tasks.

1. Enter invoices and bills into the accounting software.
2. Process payments.
3. Process citations and submit to the court.
4. Maintain accurate records.
5. Perform reconciliations of various fees, including merchant fees, parking fees, cash deposits and other.
6. Preparing bank deposits.
7. Perform a variety of administrative tasks, copying, printing, collating, scanning, emailing and others.
8. Provide back up for the Receptionist. May be assigned to answer the telephone, provide BreezeBy customer service, provide other services to the public and other duties related to greeting and serving the public.
9. Be assigned to provide breaks for Toll Collectors.
10. Carry out other assigned duties as may be requested.
11. Keep office, break room, and other areas well stocked with office supplies.
12. Transmits orders to vendors in accordance with a Purchase Order.
13. Assists other staff with filling out Purchase Requests, vacation requests, project forms, and other company forms.

Special requirements:

Must satisfactorily complete a pre-employment drug test, physical and criminal background check.

Must possess or be able to obtain and maintain a valid Driver’s License and operate job related equipment and vehicles.

Excellent customer service skills.

High level of attention to detail and accuracy.

Have experience in handling cash, processing payments, working with computer applications, such as Excel.

Have basic computer and math skills and ability to communicate well.

Be able to lift 30 to 40 pounds.

Be able to stand, sit, and use computer for prolonged periods of time.

Educational Requirements:

Must possess a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.


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